To see the universe in a grain of sand or in the eye of a bird, is to see the layers of life simultaneously -  mind, body, and spirit.   My work captures those moments when we experience that level of mindfulness.   The viewpoints differ:   some show the joyous spirit of the dancer, some the physical groundedness we share with the birds, and some the mental calm found in meditation. 


My work connects our daily lives to a larger context by showing aspects of the universe around us.  I portray the connections that exist between the many layers of our lives by juxtaposing images that represent those layers.  By combining images from daily life and images from the largest realities available to us, I show that all of these aspects of reality exist simultaneously.  By using commercial and hand-dyed fabrics, I pull the viewer in at a visceral level.  I indirectly reference the daily connection we all have with fabric that starts in childhood and continues throughout life.  By layering these fabrics and using images that connect at a more abstract and analytical level, I create art that connects the multiple levels of the brain while visually showing the multiple levels of life.